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Confocal laser scanning microscopy

A Window Into The Skin

In vivo examinations using confocal laser scanning microscopy allow for an optical biopsy using a non-invasive procedure. Cellular structures of skin can be depicted in clearly defined horizontal optical cross-sections with a thickness of less than 5.0 µm. For the first time, an optical biopsy in real-time is possible.

Imaging with dermatoscopes is usually only the first step in a series of invasive and time-consuming diagnostic procedures. Dermoscopy has limited use due to the lack of cellular resolution.

Confocal laser scanning microscopy, however, consists of one single step, which depicts all skin structures in microscopic accuracy from the epidermis to the upper reticular dermis using non-invasive technology.

Applications and research areas

Confocal laser scanning microscopy can be used for countless applications and research areas. Images produced by confocal laser scanning microscopy are especially well suited to assist physicians to perform screening examinations and diagnoses of skin cancer or early forms of skin cancer (carcinoma in situ).

This technology can also be applied in cases of burns, dermatitis, and the cosmetics research industry. New indications are added to the medical literature all the time.

Medical research

CLSM is used in a variety of medical fields and for numerous indications. Diagnostic imaging with confocal laser scanning microscopy is already proven to be an invaluable tool for medical research, in dermatology, oncology, and at burn centers.

These devices enable real-time and non-invasive in vivo or ex vivo skin examinations.

Cosmetic research

Confocal laser scanning microscopy devices used for in vivo skin examinations are successfully utilized in aesthetic fields.

With the help of confocal laser scanning microscopy, skin changes can be accurately documented and analyzed. Skin exams include, for example, sun damage and skin aging, pigmentation, epidermis thickness, dermatitis, as well as wound and scar healing.

Numerous companies and research organizations from the cosmetics industry have been working with these devices for many years. Users can take advantage of a comprehensive training program.

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