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Introductory training on-site

1) Introductory training on-site

Training lasting one to two days offered, after the installation of the device, and provides dermatologists or pathologists with basic knowledge and skills necessary to start using VivaScope devices without further delay.

Presentations, manuals, imaging guidelines, and studies provide additional support and assistance.

Online tutorial

2) Online tutorial

The tutorial section provides several tutorials describing the unifying concept of Confocal Microscopy with complete definitions of the parameters, example images and diagnostic examples.

Each descriptor is analyzed with example images for each main skin layer. Cytology and stroma reaction descriptors are illustrated too.

Independent study with textbook

3) Independent study with textbooks

The image textbook prepared by four leading experts in the field of confocal laser scanning microscopy is especially well suited for the independent study of image interpretation.

This hands-on guide is generously illustrated with numerous confocal images. It provides schematic drawings of the tumor criteria and a chapter specifically devoted to bridging the gap between dermoscopy, RCM, and histopathology.

Expert training

4) Expert training

VivaScope users have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in a clinical setting.

At the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia they can attend an advanced training on pigmented lesions diagnosis, inflammatory skin diseases, and cosmetology and non-pigmented lesions.

Online video lectures

5) NEW! Online video lectures

This Website is specifically designed for physicians interested in becoming confident and independent in skin cancer detection and management, using reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM).

Online training

6) Online training

Within the scope of intensive continuous training, VivaScope users are able to review numerous sample cases posted at

This expert training was devised by Prof. Giovanni Pellacani and consists of levels that build on one another. The foundation courses of the University of Modena is basis for this online training.

Online expert tutorial

7) Online expert tutorial

For difficult cases, VivaScope users can get a «second opinion» from confocal experts. This training will allow readers of confocal images to increase their ability to diagnose even problematic lesions with a high degree of reliability and accuracy.

The online expert tutorial is not intended as clinical second opinion for any case, but rather as an educational tool.

Online collection booklet

8) Online collection booklet

VivaScope technology is well documented in the medical literature. With the number of publications related to VivaScope technology increasing, it's a challenge to locate an appropriate reference for a specific application.

This online tool is a way to answer to this need and our way of honoring the world-class researchers and clinicians who have expanded the frontiers of scientific research and have pioneered the use of in vivo confocal microscopy.


Other learning experiences

Independent International Circle of Experts

The International Confocal Group (ICG) has been meeting regularly since the beginning of 2008. More than 100 physicians of different disciplines ensure the interdisciplinary information exchange is lively and valuable.

Establishing confocal laser scanning microscopy as the standard in dermatological diagnosis and the expansion of the range of medical indications and uses are the goal of the ICG.

National and international interested VivaScope users can join the ICG. The confocal experts also meet regularly at national meetings.

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